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Best Graphic Designing softwares

Many decades ago, a designer was enough to portray his thoughts through paintings and drawings for a brand. And such drawings could even go on public walls for promotions. Then it welcomed printing the line drawings and paintings in black and white to promote the posters. And then came Colour printing and graphic designing. Later these days, the social media and digital platforms became the sole platform of promotions. And with this, various softwares are posting their winning poles on top of the competition. For graphic designers, it is must to know their tools and the best medium. 

These days, the options available for graphic designing softwares are more than ever. Designers now have a vast range of varieties in the way that helps them best suiting their needs. Depending upon what you need to do can be decided which software is the best for you. Professional designers who need to develop a vision for a vast range of clients will need a fully developed desktop software. That majorly means tools like Adobe’s Illustrator and Photoshop. Here are some softwares you must know if you want to stand out as a graphic designer:

Adobe Illustrator:

If you want the best graphic design software for vector drawing and editing, you'll really want Adobe Illustrator. Regular updates have kept it ahead of growing competition in terms of the range of features and tools, and it also remains the industry-standard software. If you're working or anyone other than yourself, you'll probably be expected to use it for vector design work. Illustrator allows you to create everything from illustrations to logos with a lot of creative freedom. It also has a lot of useful features and shortcuts to help speed up your workflow. The learning curve is fairly steep initially, but we think that once you know your way around the program, it offers a pleasant interface to use. We've also been pleased with some of the latest updates Adobe has made to allow customisation of the toolbar. It's also added Rotate View and a Width Tool that makes it simple to add variations to vector lines.


If you're looking for the best graphic design software specifically for UI design, prototyping and/or making icons, then you might want to consider Sketch (at least if you work on a Mac). It doesn't have the depth of software like Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer, but we think it has everything that most people need for UI design, and is actually easier to use if you only have that purpose thanks to its stripped down, minimal interface. Sketch makes it easy to get started, with less of a learning curve than those of more fully featured vector design software. It offers a good range of features if you need them, though, thanks to a big library of plugins. The software came in for a major revamp in 2021, with the addition of better collaboration features. For example, developers can now view, inspect, and measure your Sketch designs in any browser on any operating system.

Corel Draw

It takes a while to get your head around the different options, but we reckon CorelDRAW is now actually the most flexible graphic design software, since you can choose between buying the software outright or subscribing for access to newer features. It also now has an iPad app and a browser-based app as well as the Windows and Mac desktop software, giving you more flexibility in how you work.

Affinity Designer

If you're put off by the hefty monthly or annual cost of Adobe's subscription model, there are now some serious alternatives as the best graphic design software for vector design. The most notable contender is Serif's Affinity Designer. Available for a one-off payment, Affinity Designer comes closest out of all the software we've tried in matching the breadth of Illustrator's feature set. 


This editing application is the best tool for photo editing and image cutting. For manipulating photos and computer art, Photoshop helps a lot. Photoshop offers 2D and 3D image manipulation, compositing, video editing, and image analysis.

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