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Thinking for designing a package of your brand? Here are some real excellent trends.

Pandemic has covered us all in last two years, people witnessed changes in every field overall. The world is soothing now . With time evolving, packaging designs and aesthetics have also developed. Coming years will be the best time for package design trends. The time now has changed the value of usage to aesthetics. Let us discuss and bring to you what trends will take place in packaging designs in 2022 and forth. Requirements have changed in everything in making the package starting from fonts, shape, colour, features and imagery. Combining all in accordance with designing a whole look mixed with the use of technology is going to take place in these years. What helps a copy achieve more sales and reach is the marvellous colours, lots, shape and design features! The year yet to come will be even more surprising for the new trends coming in the packaging industries. it is bringing in the time when both the designers and the sellers will have to adopt the new packaging ideas and be open for them. 

The less, the more- has been in fashion since long. For designing as well, it is about how basic you go with presentation and appearance. The audience these days wants less crowd in designing and more in message. So, your message should be loud enough and visible enough.

Old is gold

Do you ever feel that old songs are more relevant in this time too? That is not only about songs, the “ old is gold” remains true in everything around us. Even in designing, the designs from 60s and older are more relevant in current times. During this period of anxiety, chaos and pacing fast in everything- the designs from olden times give us a far calmer and fresh feels. That is the reason why the designs that feel like from the olden times, are yet in demand. Because a package is the very first impression we take about a product. That gives us the very first feel about the product even before we see it. Many colours, funky lines, showy strokes and large fonts are being used to enhance the contemporary feel for the product. And such images are used in beauty, food, entertainment and across many different industries.

Vibes of 2000s

We all are sure that 2000s have taught us various things and it left us with many learnings and outcome. The pop culture is turning more towards early 2000s and 60s. Let us all agree to it that today’s generation is more about recreating rather than creating. 2000 is hovering over 2020s too. Innovation and future advancement is majorly dependent on what we have carried from the past. Its no surprise that the coming years will be emerged by the aesthetics of 2000. Business owners are also now choosing the designs that can make everyone feel nostalgic with the time when we were more carefree. So, coming to the conclusion, increase the use of metallic finishes with artwork designs to spark lots of nostalgia in all the 90s generations.

Typography and the trends

Through the first vision, a design is impressive because of the image as well as the typography. That itself defines a design on its own, especially in 2022 that will grab more importance. Additionally, the designs now, will be more text centric. In 2022, the text part will be more showy and important. Initially, the text used to work as the brand name only, now it works for the entire design as a whole. It communicates the product’s intent and the entire purpose. This meets the customer’s fast- paced needs also. Colours are also used in the most contrasting way so that the text comes to forefront. Hence, the typography matters a lot and is enough to decide the skills of a designer.

Go minimal

Colour skim like nudes and mutes will dominate in the year 2022. Keeping the design and the text part as minimum as needed and the nude colours work to communicate a language of luxury and class. That also gives the customers a high- end unboxing experience. The combinations of less design, text and colours give a timeless vibe also. Hence, buckle up for a very thoughtful and impactful design with minimum usage pf images, text and colours.

Interior of the packaging

 The newer generation cares a lot about how the boxing or a pouch looks as a whole. The aesthetics while unboxing or opening, matters to the mind and the mood of that person. Here comes the interior of the packaging that matters a lot. Artwork and lots of abstract is in fashion these days. What is inside that really counts! Especially, e-commerce industry mostly sell on the face value of their packaging over- all. Beautifully designed exterior and skilfully crafted interior can increase the sense of enthusiasm in consumer and also can enhance the impact of branding.

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