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When a designer creates his design, he puts his imagination into reality. And his designs show how versatile he is and his works place a key part in demonstrating that. Presentations are different in all forms from digitals to packaging and posters. Today, the web is filled with end number of templets and mockups, but alas! They are not all the best quality images. Visualising an idea and turning it into reality is not an easy task, not even for designers. When it comes to please the clients and woo their needs, designers and agencies must stick to the tried and tested processes of designing to gain result. There are three phases that are proven to be practiced for a great graphic design in today’s digital world that looks real. So, if you are a graphic designer and keen to know the ways how to bring your designs to life, this is for you!

Research, Research and Research

Know as much as possible about the client. The client has all the knowledge about their products and that helps a designer to design better and above their expectation. It is a designer’s job to ask relevant questions that help him knowing the product better and design even better. Now digging deeper helps a designer to understand their world and discover things about them. it is the curiosity to know more can only reach you to innovation and invention. Knowing what exactly they want, how they are different from their competitors, their history, the significance of their company name and their preferences- everything, a designer must know before starting brainstorming on designing. 

Creative ideas and design

Now, when you have gathered all the information about your client, the industry, their needs, their choices and their competition in market, you can proceed with the creatives and exploration for designing.

Points to take care of when you start designing:

1. Build a brief with the help of information you have compiled and use it as your road map to think creatives. It is foremost necessary to share your brief with client and get an approval so that you both are on the same page and you can proceed for designing with a clear mind.

2. Keep in mind who the target audience is. knowing who the audience is and why they are buying your client’s products is a key part of knowledge that you keep in mind.

3. Clear conflicts in your mind and firmly decide a style and tone. Fight in your mind only before you start and decide how you want your design to be- traditional or contemporary, friendly or dominating, simple or compound, fixed or innovative etc. once decided, power start your way towards designing.

4. Believe it or not, but sketching is not an old school way at all. Process of exploring must start with sketching your ideas. Going straight from the brief given to you or from the road map you have created, to designing can limit you to digital tools only. And that ends up spending too much time on exploring. Better to draw your thoughts and imagination on a paper and then go to using tools, rather spend much time on concept. 

5. Do not plagiarise. It is unavoidable when it comes to designing, but you must bring fresh designs.

6. Stay updated by the trends. It’s not tough to keep yourself connected to the current trends.

7. Being negative about trials is not good as well. By saying that, I mean, don’t just avoid or throw out a design only because you did not like it. Some one else might like it. Seeing potential in every design and having faith on your ideas can bring you positive results.

8. Designing has always been and it definitely is a team work. Don’t hesitate to take help and suggestions. Always welcome constructive feedback. End result will be much better if you take help. 

9. Present your work only when you are 100% sure about your work. Follow your guts to decide when to meet client with your design. The end result that you present is a piece of art that represents your name- that represents you! Let it be something that you are proud of.


Presenting your final result is as important as the process of designing it. Never forget that presentation should be given the equal time as your preparation. It is heartbreaking to see the best of the designs getting rejected because they did not get enough time of presentation. You, as a designer will feel betraying your concepts. So, keep enough time to present your design and yes, stick to your beliefs and idealism. Once you are sure about what and why you have prepared that you have prepared, no-one can reject it. And the last but not the least, the clients come to you for something that they don’t have. So, ultimately your confidence on your power to design works the best for conclusion and outcome.

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