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As it is said, routine makes mind sleep. Our minds need something new and creative. Graphics come and go and come with something fresh in like a year’s span. If the designs stay the same, it would be more than boring for a person to even get attracted to exchange a glance at it. Graphic design trends take a curve in 2022. The styles that are working since last few decades are fading and taking a new life. Designers are experimenting with designs and they are literally replacing the old ones with some new ideas. Let us make it easy for you as a graphic designer, to stay updated and be in the race with time. Here are some current trends in graphic design innovation:

1. Back from 90s

The most trending idea in designing is the nostalgia from 90s. When talking about watching a film or a video, people now, like to go back to the feels of old era in mainstream. Similarly, 2022 will grab attention to the graphics that radiate an energy of 90s. The retro has come back. With a varieties of incarnations, trends from 90s are coming back. We see that longing- that nostalgia, wish of gazing backward increasing in people. That calls for a change in designing and making visuals. We are re- experiencing the 90s through designs, patterns, simple emojis and internet frames. Bright colour blocks and slime dripping are arisen by revisiting the fond childhood memories. So, now you need to just find out if your project calls for or can be related to the the touch of old- school cool, just turn the pencil back to 90s. Pandemic has made everything old and retro a new again!

Letters that are new and that communicate

Did you ever think, not only words, even letters talk to us? Yes, they do. Especially, in the world of everything running fast, one doesn’t care or have patience to read the words, if the first impression talks to him, he goes ahead to read, otherwise he would just flip over. Also a the world becomes more online, not all the words can communicate globally. Designers don’t see this as a drawback, they see this as an opportunity to innovate more styles. 

2. Expressive and experimental lettering

As the world becomes more global and online, we can’t always rely on words to convey meaning from culture to culture. Far from being a setback, many designers see this as an opportunity. For 2022, we expect lettering that pushes the bounds of easy legibility, creating forms that are expressive. In 2022, typography is going to be more experimental than ever and more playful to convey the right emotions. During the past recent years, typography had become completely business oriented and corporate. Since a past decade, designing was functional and more practical. In the coming year, designs will take a turn to be more self- expressive and unconventional. 

3. 3D Typography:

Trends are highlighting 3D effects and 3D typography is another important aspects of the 3D design trend. This style adds a realistic effect to your text and allows words to practically jump off the screen. A great example of 3D typography can be seen in these simple phrases that have been brought to life. Let it be bulging helium balloons letters and interweaving shoelaces to a Chanel logo, there are no limits to 3D lettering. 

4. Maximalism:

Maximalism is the next trend and that is about rejecting simplicity and embracing excess, yes from minimalism to maximalism- 2022 will be switching loud. Its time we learn rejecting simplicity and embracing excess. Bold colour combinations, contrasting patterns, layered images and repeated motifs- these are the senses required now while designing a graphic. In coming times, the maximalism will even more play with the quirkiness and colour factors. Think bold colours, rich textures, fun fonts and creative photography- all comes together to serve the eyes a feats! More is more and will always be it by all the means. It may take a rest but not go out of the fashion all of it. Maximalism has a valid point to come back in trend.

5. Simplified logos:

On one hand, when 2022 will switch from minimalism to maximalism slowly, the logos will go simpler from complicated ones. Maximum brands are reinventing themselves recently and will keep them new with their brand logos in 2022. To add a fresh breath to an existing brand, redesigning a simplified logo is the easiest way and that becomes a trend too! Starting from looking more approachable to targeting a new audience or giving themselves a new makeover, companies are starting fresh and preferring a simplified logo. Many brands have given their logos a touch of glow. New logos are targeted to be equally good on screen and off. Vectors are preferred more and small effects are now of second priority. Colour pallets are limited to one or two. These trends give a new look to the brand and solve their aim, also they create clearer and more youthful logo!

6. Motion designs and videos:

Motion graphics are dominating across all the industries. Therefore, for a graphic designer, it is mandatory now to know and learn motion graphic creation. From promotional animation to videos and motion graphics, a graphic designer will have to do it all. We must now accept that the creativity is directly linked to the development of technology. Hence, its no surprise that motion graphics are rising in trends and becoming more popular and are in trend. 2022 will bring eye- catching colour palettes, dynamic motions and simplistic designs motion form too. Kinetic typography, isometric shapes, retro look, grain effects would be some of the most used trends for motion pictures and videos.

And that does it for our top graphic designing trends in 2022. Hope this helps the one reading this!

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